Choosing your saber electronics: Xeno, SN-V4 and a Proffie boards

You're chosen your hilt, but you are struggling with what board to choose. This is the way.

The board is the brain of your saber, everything related to controls, light effects, sound and much more happens here. 

What is the difference between a Xeno or SN-V4 board?

These two are similar with minor differences: 

Here are the main advantages of these boards:
  1. Amazing sound effects
  2. Realistic smooth swing
  3. Customizable sound fonts
  4. Huge variety of light effects
  5. Can be controlled via Bluetooth app (Xeno config, and Force Park)
  6. Can be controlled with hand-gestures

    The difference between those two boards sum up to different controls on the hilt of the saber, and that also varies a bit from saber to saber. While Xeno boards have a single button control,  SN-V4 sabers in our collection have one or two button control depending on the hilt. Two button control ofers a more refined user experience. 

    What is Proffie?

    The Proffie boards are the high ground in terms of a saber. They have all features that the Xeno and SN-V4  combined with open-source goodness by ProffieOS. It's a fantastic board that allows you to program your blade to do pretty much anything you can think of, and while there are many configurations pre-made online, you will need likely need to spend some time learning how to program it to unlock it's full potential. We use a 2.2 board which does not come with bluetooth support, though many hobbyists upgrade to that functionality.




    While all those boards accept both Baselit and Pixel blades, the effects are toned down on the Baselit ones because of the type of blade, the light effects we mention in this guide will always look better with pixel blades.

    If you need to know more about Baselit and Pixel blades, click here!

    We hope this guide helps you find your saber, if this for some reason doesn't help and you have additional questions, feel free to text, email or even give us a call!