What's the difference between Base-lit and NeoPixel???

Very common question and much simpler than you would've thought.

What's a Base-lit saber?

Basically, a Base-lit saber is like a flashlight with a tube on the end. the light is projected from inside the saber's hilt and shines upward into the hollow tube/blade. This allows for a very durable blade that is easily replaceable and very whackable.

What's a NeoPixel saber?

NeoPixels on the other hand have a strip of LEDs inside the saber's blade and the light is generated through the LEDs. This allows for really cool effects and emissions. The downside is that if one were to hit a NeoPixel too hard, there's a chance that it could damage the LEDs. 

Why would I buy a NeoPixel/Base-lit?

So the trade-off is durability for blade-effects and the experience. If you know you're going to be doing a lot of dueling, a Base-lit saber is what you're going to want to buy. Whereas if you're going to a party and want to show off a cool lightsaber, or if you're cosplaying, or if you just want a really nice looking saber on your shelf, a NeoPixel will make your inner-Grievous very happy.