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A New Hope: Luke's Lightsaber

A New Hope: Luke's Lightsaber

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Embark on a journey alongside Luke Skywalker, the farm boy turned Jedi Knight, as you wield the lightsaber that played a pivotal role in the galaxy's destiny. This isn't just a weapon; it's the embodiment of hope, courage, and the unwavering commitment to the Force. Step into the legacy of Luke Skywalker and feel the Force flowing through you.

This lightsaber, the very one that belonged to Anakin Skywalker and later found its way into the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, remained a beacon of the Force for nineteen years. When the time was right, Kenobi passed it on to Anakin's son, Luke Skywalker, a moment that marked the beginning of a new chapter in the galaxy's saga.

Against the backdrop of Tatooine's twin suns, Obi-Wan presented the lightsaber to Luke, emphasizing the responsibility that came with it. Luke's journey from a moisture farmer to a Jedi Knight started with this very weapon. Trained aboard the Millennium Falcon, he honed his skills, deflecting blaster bolts with the grace of Form I.

During the daring rescue of Princess Leia Organa from the Death Star, Luke's lightsaber remained steadfast at his side. Though he wielded an E-11 blaster rifle during the escape, the lightsaber symbolized his destiny and the legacy of the Skywalker name.

Hold in your hands the Hero's Beacon of Hope, and let the Force guide you on your own epic journey. Join the Legion Sabers community, where every swing of your lightsaber connects you to the rich tapestry of the Star Wars universe. May the Force be with you, always.


The lightsaber hilts are manufactured from Aluminium 6063.

The blades are made from Polycarbonate (PC) tubing.

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