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Cal Kestis Saber Staff

Cal Kestis Saber Staff

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Cal Kestis Saber Staff

Embark on an epic journey into the cosmos with our dual blade lightsaber like no other! Packed with jaw-dropping features and unrivaled versatility, this remarkable weapon is ready to become your ultimate ally in any interstellar battle.

Enhance Your Experience: With a 16GB SD card, our Galactic Saber is brimming with endless possibilities. Unleash your creativity by adding new sound effects and functions through the SD card, customizing your saber to match your unique style and combat tactics.

Limitless Sound and Light Combinations: Experience an audiovisual feast with 34 captivating sound fonts, and the potential to expand even further! From fierce clashes to graceful maneuvers, our saber offers 9 mesmerizing light effects, including Rainbow Blade, Fire Blade, and Hyper, to name a few. Unleash your inner artist and wield a saber that dances with radiant brilliance!

Immerse Yourself in Unprecedented Blade Modes: Take control like never before with 12 dynamic blade modes. From the heart-pounding Velocity Blade to the enigmatic Ghost Blade, each mode will leave you in awe. Customize your lightsaber's personality to match your mood and conquer any adversary in style.

Unleash the Force: Be a true master with our Galactic Saber's array of features. Engage in realistic duels with Smooth Swing, block blaster shots with Blaster Deflect, and feel the power of the Force with Infinite Color Change. There's no limit to what you can achieve!

Crystal Clear Audio and Bluetooth Connectivity: Hear the Force resonate with unparalleled clarity! The combination of WAV audio files, high fidelity amplifier, and a 4W high-power speaker ensures that every sound is crisp and powerful. Plus, the Bluetooth APP connection allows for seamless upgrades and easy customization of various settings – all at your fingertips.

Elevate Your Control: Choose your switch mode – push-and-pull, twist, or swing – to activate or deactivate your saber with ease. Feel the thrill as you ignite the blade, ready to face any challenge that awaits you in the galaxy.

Unbox the Future: The Galactic Saber package includes everything you need to get started on your adventure. From the sleek hilt to the formidable blade, charging cable, screw pack, and user manual – it's all here, elegantly packaged in our exclusive box.

Unleash the true potential of a Jedi with the Galactic Saber – a masterpiece of technology and artistry that will make you the envy of the galaxy. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a budding Padawan, this lightsaber will become an inseparable part of your cosmic destiny. Embrace the Force and wield the Galactic Saber today!


The lightsaber hilts are manufactured from Aluminium 6063.

The blades are made from Polycarbonate (PC) tubing.

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