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The Staple Gun: Ezra’s Blaster Saber

The Staple Gun: Ezra’s Blaster Saber

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Immerse yourself in Ezra Bridger’s remarkable resilience with his distinct lightsaber-blaster hybrid. This weapon mirrors Ezra’s evolution from a savvy orphan to a bold Jedi Padawan. It's a tangible representation of his journey to overcome adversity and assert his place in a galaxy overshadowed by the Empire.

Ezra Bridger's prototype lightsaber is not just a weapon, but a testament to his ingenuity and survival instincts in a time when the Jedi were hunted. Built from parts donated by the Ghost crew, including modulation circuits from Sabine Wren and a power cell from Chopper, this lightsaber-blaster hybrid signifies Ezra's unique approach to being a Jedi. Its adjustable blade and stun blaster mode, a necessity due to Ezra's initial inability to deflect blaster fire, showcases his practicality and willingness to learn. This weapon, which played a crucial role in battles including the defeat of the Grand Inquisitor, represents Ezra's growth from a reluctant learner to a confident warrior. Owning this replica is more than just possessing a piece of Star Wars history; it's embracing the spirit of innovation and the relentless fight for freedom that Ezra Bridger embodies.


The lightsaber hilts are manufactured from Aluminium 6063.

The blades are made from Polycarbonate (PC) tubing.

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