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The Guardian's Legacy

The Guardian's Legacy

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This lightsaber, the embodiment of his resilience and growth, carries the echoes of his early days as a Padawan and the trials he faced against the dark forces. More than a mere weapon, it is a symbol of dedication, adaptation, and the unyielding commitment to the Jedi way.

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The Guardian's Legacy

Crafted during his apprenticeship under Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi's first lightsaber became a reflection of his master's teachings. However, destiny had other plans, and the lightsaber was lost in the fiery depths of Naboo during a fateful duel with Darth Maul. Undeterred, Kenobi replicated the weapon, wielding it as a Jedi Knight through the turbulent times leading up to the Clone Wars.

This lightsaber's core, powered by a diatium power cell, boasts a notched hand grip, showcasing its simplistic yet sturdy design. A pivotal moment occurred during Kenobi's Mission to Pijal when the kyber crystal, the heart of the blade, was temporarily replaced with a kohlen crystal. This impromptu modification proved life-saving, allowing the blade to cut through armor powered by similar crystals. Such events add layers of lore and significance to this lightsaber, underscoring Kenobi's resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

As you wield the Guardian's Legacy, envision the journey of Obi-Wan Kenobi—from the serene days of his apprenticeship to the tumultuous battles against the Sith. Become part of the Legion Sabers community and carry forth the spirit of a true Jedi, armed with wisdom, courage, and an enduring commitment to justice. May the Force be with you on your heroic journey.

Replicas with unmatched quality

Our sabers are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each one is a perfect blend of authenticity, durability, and cutting-edge technology.

Whether you're a collector, a cosplayer, or simply a fan, our sabers provide an unparalleled experience.

Legion Sabers – where craftsmanship meets the Force.

Choose your board

The Guardian's Legacy saber has three specifications for you to choose from:

  • SN-Pixel (Recommended) boards with 2 button controls, for even beginners who want to experience the joy of advanced LED technology. This saber also allows you to edit fonts and blade effects. It even has Bluetooth functionality and a phone app.

  • The Proffie stands at the forefront of lightsaber tech, offering unparalleled light and sound effects that adapt to your movements. It enables extensive customization of both effects and sound fonts.
Learn more about the boards here!

Blade options

You can choose from two different types of blades:

  • Baselit - Lit from the base, like a flashlight. The light is projected from inside the saber's hilt and shines upward into the hollow blade. A blade that is very strong and easily replaceable.

  • Pixel (Recommended) - Pixel Blades have a strip of LEDs that run from top to bottom inside the saber's blade. The light is generated through those LEDs. This allows for more light effects like fire blade, rainbow mode, and a much brighter blade. 
Learn more about the types of blades here!

Aerospace grade Aluminum

Painstakingly crafted using the highest quality 6063 aluminium, the same metal used on aircrafts, this lightsaber exemplifies Legion Sabers' commitment to excellence.

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